Not Knowing… — August 11, 2017

Not Knowing…

Liberation is the aliveness beyond belief, the aliveness of awareness itself. Liberation is when all the answers, explanations and positions disappear, and you’re left with the open mind of not knowing.    ~ Joan Tollifson

— February 14, 2017
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— December 26, 2015

When you fully accept that you don’t know, you actually enter a state of peace and clarity that is closer to who you truly are than thought could ever be.
— Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

— November 27, 2015
Am I Willing To Become Aware? — May 22, 2015

Am I Willing To Become Aware?

Am I willing to become aware,

And let go of that which brings me suffering?

To see the writhing

In the dream

Without a journey to regret?

To notice it all

And see it as a gift?

No distinctions

or angles of fear —

No evasions

or propelling toward change —

Just pure



Am I willing to become aware,

and live from there?